What is Telehealth and how does it work?

Some people think telehealth simply means talking to a practitioner over the phone or using Skype. While this can be the case, a virtual consultation via telehealth should be a secure and private conversation between patient and their chosen practitioner at time that can be easily booked directly by the patient online.   

And it is more than just a quick chat to verify symptoms. A custom-built telehealth service allows patients to have a video consultation with a registered practitioner on a secure platform, without sharing personal Skype IDs or practitioner’s mobile phone numbers for a Facetime call.  

How is Telehealth supporting the fight against Coronavirus? 

Currently with the Coronavirus outbreak we are seeing an extreme spread of the infection due to the highly contagious nature of the virus and lack of initial symptoms. Many Australians have recently fallen ill to the virus making the health risk relatively high, especially for those with weaker immune systems like the elderly and infants. The last place highly contagious people should be right now is with other sick patients at your local healthcare clinic. Healthcare workers are critical front line staff and telehealth enables patients to be assessed without direct contact.  

Telehealth, keeping you and your family safe from COVID-19 

To keep yourself and your family safe throughout this pandemic take the right safety precautions and utilise the telehealth service to avoid catching the virus and staying healthy from the comfort of your own home. 

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